Friday, December 23, 2011

my very first post!

woo woo!! I'm very excited about this! For about a year and a half now I've been using my lovely tumblr blog that I love so much, but with all the clutter floating around my brain it's become a bit hectic! 
I love so many things .. fashion, art, music (reggae, electronica, metal, dubstep, '60s and '70s), psychadelics, concerts, mother Earth, I'm learning about stones and herbs and other various energies, yoga, so freaking much .. as a Fashion Merch student I realized I need a place to organize my fashion brain!
I suppose this is more for myself than a reason to gain followers .. I'm a visual kinda girl and fashion deserves a special place for me to explore

style goodies coming soon
merry Christmas eve eve, and whatever other holidays you celebrate! 
<3 love love love elizabeth

( this isn't me, I wish )

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